Theo's 1st Birthday- On the Farm

How did Theodore’s first year just fly by so quickly?! I just can’t believe he’s already one! We celebrated with our family and close friends at our house with a low key birthday party. Lucy helped pick the theme- On the Farm!

Some photos from Theo’s 1st birthday party~

Lucy helped me make Theo’s cake and the cupcakes. For his cake and cupcakes, we used  this recipe for yellow cake. I baked the batter in three mini cake pans and stacked them, covered them with a chocolate buttercream frosting and decorated it with crumbled chocolate graham crackers to give it the appearance of dirt. We used the same recipe for the cupcakes, just cooked them a shorter amount of time.

Theo was a bit hesitant at first….

but then he dove right in!

Later on that week was his actual birthday, and we celebrated at home with just the four of us.

Theodore’s birthday ring

Both kids have a wooden birthday ring that we use on the day of their birthday instead of a cake. Each year I add a new decoration to it, as well as the number for their age. I’m hoping it will be a wonderful keepsake for them in the future!

Happy birthday, Theo!

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