Photo a Day: Days 146- 154

Some photos from the past week~

Day 146: 6.28.12- Celebrating Theo’s 1st birthday! Can’t believe I waited until the night before to finish his crown. Luckily, we got a photo of him wearing it before he ripped it off.

Day 147: 6.29.12- Lucy listening to the aunties read some stories. She was still feeling sad she had a hang nail. 
Day 148: 6.30.12- Here’s Theodore helping Lucy do her art journal.

Day 149: 7.1.12- Clean boy!!
Day 150: 7.2.12- Trying some fresh berries at Earthbound Organic Farm Stand
Day 151: 7.3.12- Theo playing in his jammies.
Day 152: 7.4.12- Lucy placing some flags out on the 4th.
Day 153: 7.5.12- Theo playing with his new friend at the local coffee shop.
Day 154: 7.6.12- On the way to Shaver Lake, we stopped and had breakfast with Grandma on her birthday!

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