Another Trip to Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand

One of our favorite places to go is Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand. It is absolutely beautiful and so relaxing, has delicious food and the kids can run around! You can make it just a quick trip to grab a snack in some gorgeous scenery or make it a longer outing with shopping, lunch, browsing gardens and playing. On this trip I decided to bring the camera- a great opportunity to get some pictures of Theodore outside since he’s been walking!

Lucy is almost always ready to strike a pose. Here she is posing by the entrance.

Our first stop was the herb garden. It smells amazing in there! The chives and mint were very fragrant, and we kept hearing the whirring of hummingbirds flying by.

Theo looking for those bunnies!

Lucy and I decided to clip some herbs while Theo took off chasing bunnies.

Lucy was very particular about the exact place to cut.

Then we were off to the kids garden. Theodore immediately went for the tent.

The kids could have stayed there and played all day!

Next we headed to the raspberry patch. There are tons of berries there to pick and eat! Our favorite are by far the goldenberries.

There are so many gorgeous sites to look at, I feel like I didn’t even do it justice.

We ended the adventure with some chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream and grabbed a few items from the store for dinner tonight- a productive and enjoyable outing!

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3 Responses to Another Trip to Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand

  1. What a wonderful place to take the children, so simple yet full of fun for them. Do join me on Country Kids too, all about outdoor time for children.

  2. buggy & buddy says:

    We do feel so lucky to live near such a beautiful farm! I will definitely head over and visit Country Kids!

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