Panini w/ caramelized onions, tomato, pesto and mozz

Today I was reading all my favorite food blogs when I came across this sandwich from Naturally Ella.  It was the perfect solution to the “what should we have for dinner” dilemma we run into often. We had almost every ingredient on hand, and tonight was our local farmers market where I’d be able to grab any other things we’d need.

And I must say, it was one of the BEST paninis I have made to date!!! A great combo! (Plus, I do love anything with caramelized onions!)

Before we headed to the farmers market and while the kids were napping (well, one at least, the other was ‘resting’), I caramelized the onions. For some reason I love making caramelized onions. Maybe it’s that it’s such a simple (although a bit time consuming) task and always gives great results! This was how much I got using two large onions, basically enough for two large sandwiches.


Then, we headed to the farmers market. I came back with some beautiful heirloom tomatoes (which to choose for the sandwich) and some ciabatta bread.

After gathering all the ingredients (bread, tomatoes, pesto, caramelized onions, olive oil) and readying the panini maker, it was time to get dinner going! It was fairly easy to cook these to everyone’s liking (minus a few ingredients for the kids- how they ended up so picky- another post in the future). And between cooking each one I was even able to throw together a simple salad! It was quite a successful dinner! Here’s a  link to the recipe on Naturall Ella’s blog. Hope you enjoy!

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