September Kiwi Crate~ Farmers Market

Best day ever for Lucy~ The day her Kiwi Crate arrives in the mail! Each month a box arrives with at least two activities centered around a theme. This month’s theme was the farmers market!

She ripped open that tissue paper so fast! “Let’s see what the supplies are!”

Lucy’s got the routine down now that we’ve established over the previous months and searched immediately for the two brochures describing each activity and began reading them both. (We usually choose one of the activities to do the day our Kiwi Crate arrives and do the second a different day.)

On this day the sewing fruits and vegetables activity is the winner! She reads the material list on her own and goes through the box and gathers what she needs. Then we check over the list a second time together to see if we’re ready and begin reading the directions.  I love how clearly they are written~ very kid friendly and organized well. Lucy has no trouble following  along!

In this activity, the kids choose a pre-punched fabric shape to lace around the edges and then stuff with cotton. What a great activity~ definitely working on those fine motor skills, concentration & focus and feeling a sense of satisfaction with a completed project in the end! I got the lacing project started for her by putting the lace through the first hole and tying a knot in the end to keep it from coming out as she worked. I then showed her the two different ways she could lace it (which Kiwi Crate pictured nicely in the directions). She chose the way that made the most sense to her.

Occasionally she got tangled or went the wrong way, and we worked together to figure out how to correct it. I then helped her add the leaf for the final touch. She felt so proud of her first finished product~ a carrot!

We ended up doing one more after that (the apple I think) and then completed the eggplant and pear later that evening. They turned out so cute and I love witnessing the sense of pride she feels when she finishes something she’s worked so hard on!

The next day we began the second project~ creating an apron. The box supplied some fabric pastel dyes and a plain apron to be decorated. Lucy traced some fruits and vegetables using the provided stencils and added a few other ‘Lucy’ details (what apron is not complete without a rainbow of course) and her name. I then ironed the apron to set the color and it was ready to be worn!

After running to my bedroom to look in the full length mirror and study how fabulous she looked in her homemade apron, Lucy immediately began setting up her farmers market stand.

She really wanted a sign (we are very into signs lately, as well as notecards and tickets?). I wrote down ‘farmers market’ for her as we discussed the sounds while I was writing. Then she copied the words onto her sign and we hung it up on our very well-loved table.

The Kiwi Crate also came with play money to use at the farm stand so that was set up too. And she was ready for business!

Luckily, this farm stand also has a delivery service~

Later she was so successful, Lucy was able to hire an additional worker~ Theodore was more than happy to help!

I’d say this farmers market was definitely a success! I’m sure we’ll have many more opportunities to get some more great produce right from our playroom or even delivered straight to our kitchen table in the future!

And now we’re already anxiously awaiting next month’s crate….

You can see how much fun with had with a previous Kiwi Crate centered around gardening here!

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