The Weekly Wrap-up

Accomplishments, goals & random thoughts from the past week~ (or past few weeks as the case may be in this post!)~

      • This crocheted fairy hideaway I pinned on Pinterest is why I must learn to crochet!
      • Not too much progress on my knitting this week, and actually made a mistake. I realized I had too many stitches at one point and had to correct it (decided not to start over~ thinking Lucy won’t notice!). The spiral rib leg warmers so far~
        • We had so much fun watching our local butterfly parade this past weekend, welcoming the monarchs back to our town! Definitely need to find some butterfly activities to do with Lucy and Theo to celebrate.

      • Paulie and I had a much needed date night recently at our favorite restaurant, Il Vecchio. This is the first time I’ve eaten there since becoming gluten free, and I was so excited that they had an extensive gluten free menu!


      • My stack of recipes I want to try is way too big! I’m really hoping to find time to get them all in my journal.


      • Lucy must have been playing with her felt letters. Found this after she went to bed.


      • Do I dare attempt to try cooking Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon (without mushrooms- do not like!)? I saw my sister had cooked it and now am tempted…

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