A fun and easy art project~ Oil Pastels & Watercolor

In need of a quick, easy and fun art project? I was in need of one today~ Lucy’s friend came over for a play date, and I love taking advantage of the opportunity to do some fun arts and crafts with a couple of kids (gives me a tiny taste of my previous days as a classroom teacher)!

Artwork done by my husband’s 4th graders

I remembered seeing some interesting art projects in my husband’s classroom during our last visit. One in particular was an oil pastel drawing and watercolor wash the art teacher had done with the students. I loved how the colors stood out. It seemed like the perfect project for today! We had all the supplies right here at home!

Lucy’s friend working hard on her piece.

The 4th grade students had penciled in their design first, then went over it in oil pastels, and finished it with a black watercolor wash. I decided to eliminate the sketching with pencil as we were limited on time.  I gave both girls some watercolor paper and oil pastels. Lucy drew a clown and her friend opted to draw a design.

Lucy hard at work.

Once they had finished, they both went over their drawings in various colors of watercolor. I love how they turned out! Such brilliant colors and the watercolor added some nice texture to the pieces. (I even joined in the fun and did one for my #tinkersketch for the day.)

This is definitely an art project to add to your list of things to try with kids of any age! You could really extend the project too in so many ways~ comparing how drawings look with different color washes or incorporating the technique in an artist study.

The finished art work!

My #tinkersketch using the same technique

Have you done any similar projects? I would love to hear about them!

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8 Responses to A fun and easy art project~ Oil Pastels & Watercolor

  1. Paula J says:

    What a cool technique! I’ve never heard of this before 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!

  2. Heather says:

    I bought oil pastels this year and have yet to get them out. Thanks for the renewed inspiration

    • buggy & buddy says:

      I am the same way. Many things I have bought with good intentions, but have yet to use them. I’ve got some watercolor pencils getting dusty! 🙂

  3. Carrie says:

    What a wonderful art project!! Thank you so much for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  4. jtulip says:

    I love oil pastels. They make such vivid pictures. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

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  6. tkpiatek says:

    I teach art to children and senior citizens. I have done versions of this project (notably an under the sea scene) with great success. I will now try again with the abstract pattern idea you show – only straight lines or only curves. Great idea, thanks for sharing

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