Stuffed Paper Apples

Today was another fun play date day for Lucy, and I was looking for a cute, quick, and easy fall craft to do with the kids (ages 1,3, and 4). I headed over to The Studio by Kiwi Crate and decided on this craft~ Apple Pillow Craft. It was perfect because we had all the materials at home already, it would work for all three kids, and it could be done in my 2 hour window I had to work with.
I freehanded an apple template and we traced it on some old brown paper bags.

We grabbed the colors of paint we wanted to use for painting apples. The kids used both paintbrushes and sponges and went to town decorating the apple shapes! Theo also painted his, but he was in my lap so I couldn’t get a picture of him doing it. (He also painted his eyebrow and sippy cup.)

After they dried, it was time to stuff them and turn them into paper pillows! After reading the original post on The Studio, I thought we had been so careful to not make the same mistake they did when tracing the apple template, to trace our apples and then flip them and trace the reverse, but… wrong! We did just what they did~ traced the same side twice. It was easy to fix though. After cutting out the apples, we stapled them together (leaving a hole for stuffing) and trimmed off the parts that didn’t match up. We also stapled a piece of yarn near the leaf because the girls wanted to be able to hang them eventually.

We didn’t have any newspaper to stuff with,  but I did have leftover crinkle paper from an old project, so we stuffed our apples with that. We stapled up the hole and admired our work!

I think Theo’s favorite part was just shaking the crinkled paper all over the floor!

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One Response to Stuffed Paper Apples

  1. Carrie says:

    Oh,how cute!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

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