Weekly Wrap-up 12.1.12

Accomplishments, goals & random thoughts from the past week~

  • How cute are these paper ornaments? I feel like I need to make some to decorate the windows.
  • I found this recipe for granola bars on Smitten Kitten. These turned out great! I’m always having a hard time finding a granola bar recipe where the bars don’t fall apart~ this one was a winner!

Lucy helping with the granola bars

  • Almost halfway through the 5th and final book- A Dance with Dragons. Definitely better than the fourth!

  • I found this Tinkersketch done by Lucy when I was picking up today. It was so neat to discover she did one on her own (and made me feel a bit guilty that we haven’t been doing them together as much anymore). I asked her about it~ She said it’s her and peachy blankie (her blanket she is attached to) feeling love for each other, but they are also sad because they are apart. She says that’s how she feels when she is at school sometimes. Tugs at my heart!


  • We spent the past week putting up Christmas decorations. My favorite is always the yearly photos with Santa. And I realized I never framed last year’s. Need to get that developed and framed ASAP!


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