Photo a Day: Days 297- 303

~Photo a Day Challenge: Take one picture a day for a complete year~

Day 297: 11.26.12- Lucy making a book while Theo cheers her on.

Day 298: 11.27.12- Checking out our bird books~ love bird watching!

Day 299: 11.28.12- Lucy and Theo playing with their favorite Christmas decoration~ the singing, blinking Christmas tree.

Day 300: 11.29.12- This girl did not want to fall asleep. (Probably didn’t help having me come in with a flashing camera.) But, I had almost forgotten a picture for this day (what usually happens when you see a picture of one of the kids sleeping) and couldn’t let the project fall apart on day 300!

Day 301: 11.30.12- Theo doing some baking of his own.


Day 302: 12.1.12- Clean boy just out of the bath!


Day 303: 12.2.12 Hanging out in Santa Barbara


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