Celebrate the New Year with a Love Box


A blank, white box. So many possibilities. I had to get it. Then it sat around on our craft shelf for a few weeks until an idea hit me~ I would help Lucy make a memento box to start off the new year! She could fill it with all her special little trinkets she collects that seem to end up all over the house. I envisioned so many intricate ways to decorate it~ paints, collage, Modge Podge, glitter, sequins….~ and then excitedly explained my idea to Lucy.

She thought about it for a minute, and calmly said she had a better idea. She wanted to make a ‘Love Box’. She would fill it with all the things she loved that made her happy. And she wanted to decorate it her way. So off she went with the blank, white box.


She was gone a good 30 minutes or so, and then came into the kitchen and excitedly introduced me to her new creation! If you had been able to see her proud smile at that moment, you would know her love box was better than any idea I had come up with. It is so adorable~ covered with stickers, crayons and paper. And inside she had only placed one thing~ a family portrait she had drawn. “My family makes me happy,” she proudly said. I think we could all use a love box! The directions are simple:

  1. Find a box or container.
  2. Decorate it.
  3. Fill it with things that make you smile.

Hope you all have a wonderful new year, full of many happy moments!

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