Kids Exploring Games in New Ways


When Lucy was younger she would (and actually still does) beg for me to let her play with our non-child board games. (We keep most of our games with lots of little pieces up high so she needs assistance getting them, thus the begging. Mommy is sometimes too lazy  very involved in what she’s doing and can’t always get the games right away). Lucy loved putting all the scrabble letters on the scrabble board turntable and spinning them around or building little towns with our Settlers of Catan game (best game ever by the way!).  As a matter of fact, just the other day she had Blokus out and was building all kinds of colorful designs with it and proudly showing them off!

Board games, even ones not really designed for kids, can be so much fun and inspire kids’ creativity (just watch those choking hazards with the small pieces). They are also the perfect solution to a rainy day boredom!  Once I pull out Ticket To Ride (actually, this may be the best game ever), our play room is covered with different trains traveling to far off places!

Theodore reminded me today just how fun games can be, even when not played with as designed. Lucy and her friend were playing with Elefun. (Have you heard of it? We were introduced to this game by some local friends. The elephant fan blows butterflies up into the air, and everyone tries to catch as many as they can in their nets. I have never seen kids giggling, squealing, and jumping so much!) Theo watched the girls and only wanted to join in by putting the butterflies in the elephant at the end. But, once the girls tired of the game and moved on to another activity, Theo dove right in!

First, he wanted to just experience the butterflies coming out on his own. He had me help him set it up, and then watched all the butterflies fly down around him!


After that he wanted to figure out how it worked on his own. He pushed the on/off button a zillion times and put the trunk on and off the elephant.


He discovered it was even more fun to keep the trunk off and just toss the butterflies right into the blowing fan!


Elefun really kept Theo actively busy for a good 45 minutes, and that’s a long time for an 18 month old!


Maybe it’s Theodore’s turn to try out some Settlers of Catan
soon? (Which, by they way, I have finally decided is definitely the best game ever!)

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One Response to Kids Exploring Games in New Ways

  1. Carrie says:

    Oh, what a neat game! I love the idea of using games as creativity starters as well. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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