Valentines Made Completely by Your Child~ Easy enough for a 2 year-old!


I absolutely love it when kids make valentines completely on their own! There’s just something so memorable about them. IMG_1701I was going through some old photos of Lucy from when she was about 2 1/2 and was reminded of just how special homemade valentines are, especially when there is minimal help from adults.

What I loved about this valentine was it really only took help from me to gather the supplies and monitor Lucy working.

All we ended up needing to buy to make the valentines were some heart shaped doilies, heart shaped paper, and some heart foam stickers. We already had watercolors and brushes at home.

IMG_1703Lucy created the valentines over two days. On the first day of creating the valentines, I prepared some pink watercolor paint. Lucy sat at her table and painted all her white paper hearts. I remember her being very proud of each and every one!

A few days later, she glued the painted paper hearts to some heart shaped doilies, and, for the final touch, she added some foam heart stickers. They turned out absolutely adorable!!

Daddy later helped her hand deliver each and every one to her neighborhood friends! I think I’ll always treasure not just the handmade valentine itself, but the memory of watching her proudly walk out the front door, climb in that little, red wagon, and head off with her daddy to deliver her special gifts!

IMG_1706 IMG_1707

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2 Responses to Valentines Made Completely by Your Child~ Easy enough for a 2 year-old!

  1. Precious! I pinned this activity to my Valentine’s Day Board on Pinterest! 🙂 Blessings!

  2. Julie says:

    This is cute. My oldest – now 11, also made her own valentines when she was little. Now we live in Germany and Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated here. When we move back we’ll have to make Valentines.

    It would be great if you linked up with Hobbies and Handicrafts.

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