January’s Kiwi Crate~ Family Game Night


I have to say this month’s Kiwi Crate came at the absolute best time!

IMG_8796I was just getting over a virus that lasted almost two weeks, and I had been feeling like the kids were quite neglected as far as fun goes.

Here's Lucy coloring the game board.

Here’s Lucy coloring the game board.

I just could not get the energy to do anything. Thank goodness the Kiwi Crate came to save the day!

This month’s crate was themed “Family Game Night” and came with two game activities~ making a board game and a comet ring toss. Lucy was dead set on making the board game first. She couldn’t wait! IMG_8814She loved being able to build and decorate the game supplies herself. We had fun playing the game together, and she’s excited to share it with her friends at her next play date!

The next day we made the comet toss game. Lucy gathered the materials, read the directions, and built it with me. IMG_8837This was also fun to play! Theo joined right in (although we had to help him practice taking turns and not running off with the rings!) Lucy loved setting the rings up in different formations and trying to toss the comet into them.

IMG_8831And what I love most about the activities~ the kids always think of more fun things to do with the supplies so the fun just keeps on going! Today the kids lined the rings up like a hopscotch board and jumped back and forth through them. Kiwi Crate has pinned a lot of family game night activities on their Pinterest board so I’ll be checking those out next!

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